Bank Mortgage Fraud Representation in Tampa Bay, FL


We Sue Banks for their Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage Fraud Litigation

At Gallagher & Associates, our attorneys represent homeowners in lawsuits against banks for lender mortgage fraud. Our lawyers are experienced advocates who will vigorously protect your rights and interests. Examples of lender side mortgage fraud include:
Application Fraud
  • Call Scripts
  • Hard Sell
  • Financial Advice
Underwriting Fraud
  • Income/Employment Verification
  • Captive Appraisers
  • Income Websites/Overrides
Servicing Fraud
  • Cloaked Servicers
  • Change in Owner/Investor
  • Rating of Mortgage Backed Securities (S&P, Moody's, Fitch)
Collection Fraud
  • Collection without Standing
  • Prohibited Practices
  • Not Original Lender
  • After Hours/Work Collection Calls
  • Credit Reporting
  • Futile/Contrived Trial Modifications
Foreclosure Fraud
  • “Robo-Signing”
  • File Suit First/Standing Later
  • “VP for the Day
  • ”Non-corporate officers executing Assignments
  • Blank Assignments
  • Defunct Lenders
  • Notary Fraud (4 year term)
  • Verification of Pleadings
  • No standing-Lis Pendens
  • Pro Se Parties-Stipulating to Judgments
If you are the victim of mortgage fraud, you need experienced and skilled representation. Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant in a foreclosure, our lawyers will go to work for you immediately to investigate your dispute, obtain and preserve valuable evidence, and prepare to persuasively present your side to a jury.
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